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About Us


Texas Tornado BBQ Cooking Sauce®, the original sauce was first created back in the 50's, by an old cowboy who didn't like the traditional barbecue sauces. They were all too sweet or tasted like ketchup. A  sauce was developed that could be used on any meat, without tomatoes or sweeteners. A sauce that could be used out on the ranch when everyone gathered, that didn’t need refrigeration, and it was too far from town to run to the store. 

In 2012 the name was changed to Texas Tornado Cooking Sauces and Rubs® and developed into the product people in the Panhandle of Texas,and beyond, have come to count on. 

Whether you’re thinking of Beef, Ribs, Chicken, cooking a pork tenderloin for an intimate gathering, or preparing a steak out on the grill, Texas Tornado Cooking Sauces and Rubs® will enhance the flavor of any meat as well as fish and vegetables. Many have tried to duplicate the special recipe and failed. From our family to yours we hope you enjoy it as much as we have through the years. The perfect sauce or rub for trail rides or just hanging out with friends. 

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Texas Tornado Cooking Sauce ® and Rubs are all natural. They contain no MSG, or added preservatives. Our sauces are highly concentrated and can be used on any meat, fish, or vegetable. One ounce to a pound of food Texas Tornado Cooking Sauce ® does not contain any tomato products, MSG, added preservatives,  or added sugar. Texas Tornado Rubs do not contain MSG or added preservatives and no fillers are ever used.

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By using as many US sourced products as possible, including our unique  blend of spices, All Texas Tornado Products are made in Canyon TX, USA. We are committed to not only local area success, but reaching people in need across the Texas Panhandle and beyond.


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